Raven's Rant
The Big M

Bio: I'm not married ( well update as of September 2013 I am), I don't have any kids,unless you count my dogs who I adore way more than probably any guy I've ever dated. I have the habit of making jokes out of anything, especially awkward moments. I work long hours and still never have enough money. My favorite holiday is Halloween, I probably put too much energy into it. I was born the day before St. Patricks day and I've made it into a double holiday. I love to dance but I have my own style.I call myself a writer but I've never finished anything I've started.I go through cars like a guy, I mow my own yard, hang my own pictures, and love pizza and beer but I still love 5 inch heels, sundresses, eyeshadow, and goodnight kisses. I want to move to somehwere tropical and work on a boat, I am terrified of mayo and spiders. I've loved, more than once and I believe that we truly learn something from each person we choose to take into our lives and at the end of the day no matter the heartbreak I've had or the things that made my heart harder, I'm thankful for it all, I can't imagine going through life with out a broken heart, I feel it's almost necessary in order to really know yourself and what you want in a partner. Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Lake, Boating, Caving, Dancing, Movies, Food, Beer, Vodka

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