For Christmas my husband got me a new laptop, he said that maybe it will help me write more. Is he not the sweetest? If you have read my other post you know that for some reason my other typing device lacked punctuation, making it hard for everyone to know how excited I was!! Well now you can know and I am about to excite you… wait for it…

HOT CHOCOLATE AND WINE YA’LL!!!!!! I am 31 and never thought about putting them in the same glass, I’m very ashamed! So over the Christmas break the weather has been complete nonsense. I’ve been sick for what seems like forever because the South cannot get it’s shit together! For the love of all that is holy pick a temperature! If you want to be 20, then be 20 and stick to it, I cannot handle 20 one day and 70 the next, my nose is so pissed off!  Sitting here on a day that is cold, misty, and dreary out so what shall we do? Curl up on the couch with some hot chocolate and make it a movie day duh! Oh but wait I also want wine.. what shall I do? So I go to trustful Pinterest and look up hot chocolate wine recipes and bingo, the screen is alive with magical beautiful recipes!

Hold up a minute Pinterest, what is this nonsense about melting chocolate in a pan and simmering with milk, careful not to burn bullshit? Look, I’ve been in pajamas since… well days now and I haven’t showered in a hot minute either so what makes you think I want to stand over a pan and monitor this nonsense? Here is what I did, if  you have a Keurig then take the hot chocolate Kcup (seriously if you don’t have one just get one, you can find them for like 40$ now ) so my Keurig made my hot choclate for me then I added a bit of milk to it, a few chocolage chips for richness and red wine.. out of the box because I’m classy AF. Then I popped it in the microwave just to melt the chips for like 40 – 50 seconds and bam! There was my delicious hot chocolate wine.I used a red wine that wasn’t sweet but not dry, it was a berry wine and the taste of the red ripe berries went perfect with the rich chocolate. You are welcome, enjoy! Also if you do not have a Keurig maybe try this with the hot cocoa package mix, let me know how that turns out. Also with this you only have one cup to clean verses a pot with melted chocolate in it, Pinterest -0 on this one Meg-1!!





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