I want to thank my friend Sara for this recipe. She was unsure if i would like it, but I loved it as did my husband. Although he was probably just happy to not be eating something spicy for once. This dish is easy and has a bit of a sweet tang to it. When I asked Sara what type of rice to use with this she got all fancy on me. I think she said something like ” well I’m Filipino, I have rice maker, don’t play around with my rice, but you go ahead and just get whatever bag or box of rice you want” or some shit like that. I love her but maybe I would love her more if she made me some of this amazing homemade rice! Hint hint Sara!!

Lets Begin with the ingredients. You can use chicken, beef, or pork with this. I was looking for a pork loin, which was a big ordeal when I went to the store, I had to call Sara so she could walk me through the meats, turns out Kroger was out of them.. sigh. So I got these butterfly boneless pork chops because I was looking for the most meat for the cheapest, this was almost 2 lbs for a little over $7. I did not want to use chicken bc ya’ll know how I feel about chickens but also because this was going to be cooking all day and chicken dries out easily.


Rice Vinegar Roasted Garlic, regular vinegar,lite soy,chicken broth, small white onion, garlic, bay leaves(not pictured)

Put meat in crock pot


The recipe calls for a cup of vinegar. I saw the roasted garlic in the store and had to have it, since the recipe has garlic in it i figured why not? Feel free to use just regular vinegar, that is fine; I poured almost 1 cup of the garlic vinegar then the regular vinegar until I reached 1 cup ( look at me measuring shit ya’ll!) Pour vinegar over meat. Measure out soy to 1/2 cup, use the soy that has the least amount of sodium in it, if not it’s too salty with the vinegar. Pour soy over meat.



Next I added about half a can of chicken broth just to keep the meat MOIST, haha got ya!



Next I added a spoon full or so of garlic and the chopped up white onion as well as black pepper. Stir/ spread the onion and garlic around evenly.


Last step was to add a few bay leaves on top. I left them whole did not crush them up. I then put the crock pot in the fridge to sit over night and then turned it on in the morning before work, cooked on low for 8 hours. If you are not doing this on a work day you can do it on high for 3-4 hours and not have to prepare it the night before. When I got home from work the meat shredded up so easily.


Remove bay leaves before serving

Cook your rice, I used white rice from a box, It cooked in about 7 minutes. Put your rice in a bowl and scoop your meat and sauce out onto your rice and that’s it!  Dinner is served with little to no hassle and cleanup! You can make your sauce thicker by adding cornstarch, flour makes it too lumpy. You could also forgo the rice and use the meat for tacos or nachos! This fed us for two night so you could switch up the dinners, one night do rice and meat in a bowl and the next night nachos!



2 thoughts on “Filipino Pork Adobo Crock Pot Meal

  1. Have you seen the movie “Waitress” with Keri Russell? These recipes and the way you speak about cooking them and preparing, reminds me so much of that movie!!! I love that movie…you need to be a writer…let’s quit our jobs, move to the beach, you write, I will be your manager/publicist and we live happily ever after☺

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