New zoodle recipe ya’ll! If you have not tried to zoodle yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? It is so easy and delicious and hello replaces noodles! I tried to do a better job taking pictures of the ingredients and step by step instructions, again I do not measure.

Now I have a slight fear of chicken so I cannot prepare it. I found this bag of chicken over in the breakfast meat area in Kroger. I am so happy to found it! I have used it in salads and other recipes and it has made my life so much easier with the no prep chicken! Now I grabbed the southwestern bag, I did not even know I did this, usually I get the plain, but this worked too.


Shrimp- Usually I get fresh or the bag of 50-60 count medium cooked for $7.99. However, Kroger was out so I grabbed the bag of salad shrimp. I am not a huge fan of these, they cook up to small, they are best for a cold salad. You can also do this recipe with chicken only or with shrimp only but because I am making this with zoodles it does not fill you up like noodles would so I like to double the meat for protein and to keep the belly full to avoid snacking!


I began by taking the chicken and pouring a bit of cornstarch and Tony’s spicy seasoning into the bag, shake bag to cover chicken.Put chicken in pan over medium-high heat and start to fry it up, I did not add any oil or butter to the pan, it cooks on its own.


Next I added some onion, a small white onion. Peel, cut and throw in Ninja for chopping, again if you don’t have a ninja close this down and and go buy one NOW!


Add the onion to the pan and cook with the chicken. Let those cook together and sip on your wine, watch your Bob’s Burgers, flip the laundry etc.Then add you’r shrimp and stir it all up. Next I added sauce. I have done homemade cream sauce before which you can do or grab a bottle of whatever cream sauce you want from the store for a lighter version. This cream sauce was I think 60 calories or something like that. I did not use the whole bottle, I used about half of it, it’s all about preference.


Let all this simmer on low while you do your zoodles, then add zoodles to the pan and let them cook about 7-10 minutes with everything. After letting them cook together I added black olives and crushed black pepper. I used 4 small -medium zucchini’s. If they have big ones then it would have just been 3.



You are done!! One pot, one mess to clean, delicious! Yes the husband liked it too, his only complaint was I made it too spicy. Now time to put it in a bowl and relax with some yumminess!



One thought on “One Pot Spicy Shrimp and Chicken Zoodle Meal!

  1. Awesome Raven!!! Yummyyyyy!!!!

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