So now that I have a t.v  of sorts set up in my kitchen, I’m enjoying cooking more than I have… well ever. I can only get Netflix, Hulu, Amazon on it, but that is fine, it is mostly what i watch anyway. I usually watch Friends while I cook, there is just something about having them on that keeps me in a good mood. I guess they make me feel not so alone. I have been toying for a while about a recipe blog, I figured I will start here. I have been watching Dinner at Tiffani’s on the Cooking Channel, it has Tiffani Thiessen, ( if you do not know who she is, get off my blog!! ) cooking and inviting her friends, her recipes are simple to follow yet amazing. I have yet to try one but they look amazing. I thought about recording myself while I cook but I am not near as cute as Tiffani and also it would interrupt my t.v watching.

My friend Adrienne introduced me to this veggie spiralizer, zoodle device


it is a Soft works product from Target and I fell like it is going to be a total game changer. There are several different versions, but I went with the same one she did since I know it worked well for her. I am also not a very organized cooker and rarely measure things, so just deal with that, it’s worth it. I took some pictures along the way to try and capture the ingredients.


Zucchini- 3-4 of them

Butter – unsalted about a spoon full. (just to put in pan and saute meat in)

Garlic- I used minced from the jar. You can use any type you want, this is just easiest

Shrimp- medium 51-60 count

Cajun sausage – chopped up

Whipping Cream- 1 1/2 cups. You can also use light Alfredo sauce instead if you want

Can of diced tomatoes season with basil.. there was another season on the can I do not recall it, doesn’t matter, any can of maters will do.

Shredded Parmesan cheese

White Onion-chopped

Jar of sun dried tomatoes

Creole seasoning, garlic powder, crushed red pepper , season salt, black peppercorn (pepper)

Step one: Heat pan, add spoon full of butter. Add in shrimp, creole, garlic – let this saute while you chop sausage.

Step two: Chop sausage,  chop onion ( I use a ninja), chop sun dried tomatoes (ninja) watch Friends, sip wine

Step three: Add sausage to pan. Add in chopped onion and sun dried maters, pepper, garlic powder, crushed red pepper, a dash more of creole and a pinch of seasoned salt. While you have the sun dried tomato jar out take about oh.. two tablespoons of oil from jar and add to pan. Let this simmer all together. Again I do not measure so add these seasoning to taste, I like spicy, some do not.

Step 4: Get your veggie spiralizer out, wash zucchini, set it on spiralizer and twist. BAM you have your Zoodles!! They are beautiful spiral of carb free noodles!!!!!

Step 4: Take can of tomatoes and empty into you’r ninja or whatever you use to chop (seriously get a ninja) I spun this in the chopper until it was no longer tomatoes but tomato sauce.

Step 5: Add tomato sauce and you’r whipping cream or Alfredo sauce to the pan. Let simmer and thicken. Drink wine, check laundry, fix lunches, etc

Step 6: Add zoodles to pan, add Parm cheese- however much you want and cook for about 7-10 min covered. This will get everything all nice and flavored together as well as cook the zoodles a little. They will feel just like regular pasta in your mouth hole!

Step 7: Put in bowl and eat your heart out!!

Ingredients, I tried to get them all, left out can of maters and sun drieds
I just took a spoon full out of this chunk of butta.
MMM looking saucy
Zoodles! So pretty!
add zoodle
Add those Zoodles!
MM top with cheese, let sit and eat!




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