I got engaged this past September. It was not like any other proposal I’ve heard of. See growin up I was never the girls to sit around and plan my wedding or envision my proposal so maybe that’s part of why it was so….well.. unique? My boyfriend Bryan and I were on vacation in Florida with my parents. We were staying with my grandparents and we had been at the beach all day, having some beverages, playing in the surf, you get the idea. Let me back up a  bit and tell you that from the start our relationship was far from normal. We have been “together” for almost four years,  it will be four years  November 2013; it was not until towads the end of Summer in 2011 that we stopped saying we were just “friends” and became “exclusive.” The just friends part drove people crazy but it was what we thought was best for us at the time. So we went from being friends, to boyfriend/ girlfriend, moved in together and engaged all in about a year. We started talking about getting married and it was exciting but scary, I was a girl who can not make the easiest of decisons much less life long ones without having a massive panic attack. There we were September 2012 in Florida enjoying as many Bushwackers as I felt necassary. My grandpa is a realtor and took us all looking at some condos, a fun way to spend a few hours, we fell in love with one, the Indigo. It was amazing, I wanted to live there, hell I wanted to be the damn condo. So let me bring us back to the scene at hand, sitting on the beach, me, Bryan, mom, and dad, relaxing, taking in the view, you know the drill. My dad starts to pack up, I’m not ready to go so I start to get a little bitchy about it (getting me to leave the beach is hard to do, unless there is food involved) he tells me and Bryan to go for a walk, him and mom will pack up and they will pick us up at the public entrance. I am pretty happy with that so we start our trek down the beach.

Uh oh what’s this? A sunset, walking in the surf, hand in hand…….romance, romance, romance!! Oh wait, what’s that sound??? No worries just my wet sandy thighs rubbing together as I walk……ouch!!! I’m trying so hard to create a scene from a movie here but my thighs are killing me, im pretty sure there is something in my bikini bottoms and it’s beginning to sting, I’m beginning to walk like… well try walking but have your thighs not touch ( skinny girls.. I’m sorry you won’t get this), it looks and feels ridiculous!!! I’m so focused on what my body is doing that I have not realized we have reached it. The Indigo! Bryan looks at me and says “do you want to go up to the hot tub?” Well hell yea I do!!!!! So I walk up to the gate, of course it’s locked, some sort of padlock, I’m pushing numbers, hoping for some magical opening of the door. There was a small child on the other side I tried getting him to let me in but he just stared at me like I was a swamp thing! Mommy and daddy probably taught him not to talk to girls that smelled like chocolate milkshakes with a double shot of rum, good for them. Meanwhile have I even realized I’m alone in my attempt to break in? Nope. I turn around and there he is, standing in the sand just watching me fail. I walk back down to the beach and I’m like ok so you are not going to help me, this was your idea? He just stands there and starts asking me if I like the condo or not, hmmmm well yes I do, hence the attempt to break in! He keeps asking it in different ways and I’m stating to get a little irritated and finally he says “will you do me a favor?” I say sure, whatcha need and turn to look at him. He is on one knee, ring box open in hand and he says ” will you meet me here in a year?” Are you awing, a little teary eyed perhaps? Well this is what comes out of my mouth “I need to pee..” Really???? I mean really? This guy who is so non romance is on bended knee and that’s what I say!? After that it’s a bit of a blur but somehow we got around to the  I love you’s and me saying yes, final result, beautiful cushion cut diamond flanked by a sapphire on each side sitting pretty on my ring finger.

We aren’t done just yet. We then go to try the public entrance where my parents are waitng, and yes they knew all about what was about to happen. I lead us up through the side of a condo and into a parking lot. We are standing there and I’m like so earlier when Isaid I had to pee, yea thats still happeneing,at this point it’s painful. I look down and there is a concrete square surrounded by bushes with a water hose. I’m sorry but it’s almost like someone knew I’d be there in this situation and need a little privacy and perhaps some water to wash away the evidence. So did I do it? You bet your ass I did! Just five minutes after a lovely proposal I’m peeing in the parking lot. It’s ok though Bryan joined in, the couple that pees together stays together and all that. We soon realize that we are blocked from the public entrance by a row of bushes with thorns and all kinds of flroida vegatation, you know what I mean the sea oats and what have you. We climb through all that, barefoot and in bathing suits, it hurt, it really did. We get to the fence past all that and while climbing the fence something stabs my butt cheek! I’m over the fence, sweating, and now bleeding from my butt! I see my parents, my mom cries, then laughs, cries some more, dad looks confused as to why we are coming through the woods instead of the beach access that was right where we had gotten engaged….so dumb, Bryan and I just shake our heads and climb into the truck. I sit on a towel because obviously this butt wound is not giving up, but my finger sure looks pretty.



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